New York’s Museum of Sex Spotlights Fun Factory

NEW YORK — For the Valentine’s Day season, the Museum of Sex (MoSEX) is dedicating a portion of its museum shop to spotlight Fun Factory’s collection of colorful toys including the new German manufactured Stronic Eins.

The pulsator uses magnetic fields and the physical properties of metal to induce the strongest orgasms ever known, as attested by 87 percent who tried the Stronic Eins during a European experiment led by Fun Factory last winter, the company said.

For the entire month of February, Daniel Basiletti, director of product development and retail at the Museum of Sex in New York City is teaming up with Fun Factory to turn the Shop at MoSEX into a space dedicated to the Stronic Eins. According to the company, Basiletti says this “incredible new toy will change the industry forever.”

Basiletti adds, “along with Stronic Eins, the Shop at the Museum of Sex will show a collection of important artworks by Denis Stuckenbrock, created at the toy factory between 2001 and 2006. These works embody Fun Factory’s mission to experiment with form and speak to the Museum’s exploration of how design and art play an important role in human sexuality. These playful, vivid works would feel quite at home in auction houses and Museum collections.”

Emilie Rosanvallon, marketing director at Fun Factory USA adds, “When activated and placed on a surface, the toy travels across that surface. It can cross a table, a room or a street on its own. During the launch party at the Museum of Sex, guests had fun organizing a race between 2 Stronics on an 18 foot counter.”