U.K. Adult Industry Launches Child Protection Website

LONDON — The U.K. adult industry is launching a new initiative aimed at addressing the issue of online child protection to coincide with Safer Internet Day on Feb. 5.

According to the developers, the largest providers of regulated adult services in the U.K. has launched XXXAware.co.uk offering guidance to parents on how to prevent minors accessing unsuitable videos and images online.

The site was created in response to U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent call for more to be done to support and inform parents about the risks to children. In response to this, and to member of parliament Claire Perry’s campaign for better protection from adult material for users under 18, the developers said the U.K. adult industry is setting a landmark precedent with the new website by creating awareness of available parental controls on computers and connected devices.

"Finally parents will be able to make informed and intelligent decisions about their family’s viewing. The website will give advice and guidance on controlling everyday household gadgets which now connect to the Internet — from the family computer, touch screen tablets, smart phones and games consoles to TV set top boxes.”

The website aims to point parents to the tools available to control childrens' access to the web. Over time the site will develop its own step-by-step guides to implementing age-appropriate controls. It will also offer reviews of effectiveness of the different solutions and share parents’ experiences of installing and using those products on a day-to-day basis.

The site has been developed by adult broadcaster Portland TV and is edited by TV producer Anna Kieran who has worked in the adult business since 1997. Kieran was a founding member of the Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA) set up to give the U.K. adult industry a voice and representation following the regulatory change in BBFC’s R18 guidelines in 2000.

Kieran is also a mother of two children and passionate about educating parents about online child protection. “XXXAware.co.uk believes that the best protection for our children from adult materials is through educating parents,” Kieran said in her mission statement. “By creating a dialogue within the adult industry and launching this site, it is hoped that the uptake of available parental controls can be increased so that adults can continue to access the content they want without risk to children and without heavy-handed government intervention.”

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