Homegrown Video Wins Best Amateur Release at XBIZ Awards

LOS ANGELES  Homegrown Video wins Best Amateur Release at the XBIZ Awards for "Amateur Coeds 18."

"Homegrown Video has been getting back to the heart and soul of real amateur porn, the type of homemade stuff that made the company what it is today," President Farrell Timlake said. "Pro-am has its place, but once the audience has sifted through it, they generally trend toward wanting more authentic amateur, the stuff that is raw and juicy, without out all those additives, like fake moans, cheesy theatrics, and fluffed up professionals. That is where they finally find a home in Homegrown Video."

The company said that in a competitive market that constantly consumes itself, Homegrown Video strives for a more organic approach.

Homegrown CEO Spike Goldberg said, "Homegrown is to amateur porn like free range chicken is to poultry. It may not look as good on the surface, but the flavor is much more savory."

Homegrown Video is the original amateur porn video company, established in 1982, and recognized by Newsweek Magazine as "the longest running series in the history of porn."

US News and World Report once declared, "Made by the people for the people, Homegrown represents the democracy of porn."

Today, Homegrown Video can be found on cable, DVD, satellite and online.

Homegrown Video also manages websites for amateur brands like Shane's World.

Contact webmaster@homegrownvideo.com for more information on Homegrown Video's products and services.