Monarchy Distribution Launches New Gonzo Studio

LOS ANGELES — Monarchy Distribution announced today the formation of its new "Gonzo Nation" production company.

The studio's first title “Nympho Playhouse,” is set to ship March 11.

Gonzo Nation will be distributed exclusively by Blue Coyote Pictures with a plan that calls for two releases per month.

"We have seen a lot of success through our partnership with Blue Coyote. Our two lines ‘Tranny Factory’ and ‘Penetrator Pictures’ have seen steady success from the beginning and customers ask for those studios by name," Monarchy owner Mike Kulich said.

He added, "We are excited to start out 2013 with a new product line that our customers and distributors will have fun and success selling.”

"Mike has always delivered us top quality content and his titles are always top sellers for us, Blue Coyote sales manager Gigi Appleton said. "We are really looking forward to making another mark on the industry with Gonzo Nation.”

For DVD sales contact Appleton at (818) 994-1804, or email

All other inquiries should be directed to Kulich at