Dee Dennis Talks CatalystCon on ‘Sex Out Loud’ With Tristan Taormino

WASHINGTON CatalystCon founder Dee Dennis will be a guest of the VoiceAmerica Radio Network program “Sex Out Loud” with host Tristan Taormino.

The interview detailing CatalystCon East, the upcoming sexuality conference in Washington D.C. airs live at 8 p.m. EST on Friday, Jan. 25.

“I’ve long admired Tristan for the work she has done and being a catalyst for many in the field of sexuality,” Dennis said. “I am honored to be a guest on Friday and look forward to spreading the word about the upcoming CatalystCon East.”

Taormino said, “I'm thrilled to have Dee on 'Sex Out Loud' talking about CatalystCon East. CatalystCon is fast becoming the conference to be at for leaders in many different sexuality-related fields, from the adult industry to sex education. It promises to be an incredible event, and I cannot wait to have Dee share her insights on the state of sex in society with my listeners.”

“Sex Out Loud” is a sponsor of CatalystCon East, and Taormino will be speaking on the panels Feminist Porn: The Politics of Presenting Pleasure with Constance Penley, Dylan Ryan, Sinnamon Love, and Mireille Miller-Young and The Facts About Measure B and How It Impacts Us All with jessica drake and Michael W. Fattorosi.

She is also moderating the CatalystCon Opening Keynote Plenary Address, Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance featuring panelists Ducky Doolittle, Dr. Hernando Chavez, jessica drake, and Mireille Miller-Young.

Other sessions include a lesson on toxic toys; a discussion of sexuality for senior citizens; an explanation of California's Proposition 35, a session on helping educators effectively teach sexual topics and others

More than 70 speakers are scheduled to speak, including sex educators, experts, authors, academics, and activists, such as Joan Price, Carol Queen, Charlie Glickman, and Rachel Kramer Bussel, plus Swedish sexuality experts Suzann Larsdotter and Malinda Flodman, who will present a history of sex education in Sweden.

The complete list of speakers, with biographies, may be found at

CatalystCon East takes place March 15-17 at the Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport.

Registration is currently open at  

For more information about the show and interview with Dee Dennis, click here.