Ladies Night by Kheper Games Wins XBIZ Award

LOS ANGELES Kheper Games Inc. received the XBIZ award for Adult Game / Bachelorette Product of the Year for its July 2012 release of Ladies Night.

Ladies Night is a board game for women who wish to enjoy a games night with their favorite gal pals. The game includes a spinner for category selection and category question cards for the categories of: Love & Relationships, Just for Fun, Lifestyle and Style & Beauty.

“When designing a game, it’s important to think out of the box," Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “The strategy behind this game and how it is played is what drove its creation. Women are looking for ways to celebrate and also to get to know their friends better. The topics of Ladies Night were designated by our resident Ladies Night expert, Roxana Forenza, around what women talk about. The game is a tool for conversations that interest and bond women together.”

The company said Ladies Night has been a well received product and concept since its launch at the July ANME show in 2012. Kheper Games, Inc. also announced the release of its full Ladies Night line. Launched at ANME were five other Ladies Night items.

Ladies Night Topic Sticks offers 100 topics in an attractive display that can be organized in a decorative vase, bowl or plate as a centerpiece of conversation starters. Ladies Night Trivia Coasters offer conversation trivia about men and relationships.

Players take turns posing questions to the group, such as Where is a man physically unable to cry? Hints are provided as the group discusses the answer until they hit on the correct reply, “outer space."

Ladies Night Stick to It is a game of re-occurring dares with radiant green and pink game pieces that stick to player’s wine or cocktail glasses. Players stick to their dares, such as “Share Disastrous Date Stories” until another player swaps dares with them. Play continues until someone receives the swap labels dare a third time.

Ladies Night Diamond Confetti offers a fun decorative accent to your party and the Ladies Night Diamond Shot Glasses are an elegant way to celebrate.

“Ladies Night focuses on all events that women celebrate together,” said Roxana Forenza, sales manager and branding specialist.

“Stylish and fun conversation starters are what women look for when they need a night out with their friends," Pellham said. "Whether it is a bachelorette party, birthday party, or simply just a Saturday night, we promise Ladies Night will be a fun night. We were truly honored to receive this award in person from XBIZ. Thank you."