DIMOCO Unveiling New Mobile Payment Products at European Summit

BARCELONA — DIMOCO announced today that it will be unveiling new mobile payment products at the European Summit set for March 1-4.

The company said the digital industry is looking for simple and safe ways to bill their content and it is answering the call with the next mobile payment generation: DIMOCO pay:smart, DIMOCO pay:flexible and DIMOCO pay:periodic.

“The challenge for us was to develop a mobile payment product which offers business customers and consumers the easiest way to bill digital content with the cell phone bill,” Markus Fischbacher, sales unit manager mobile entertainment said.

DIMOCO maintained that mobile payment is easy, safe, successful, widely-used and there is no debt risk for the business partners. “With our solution business customers can charge their users up to 150 Euros directly on their cell phone bill — one off and recurring billing is possible.”

The company said it will be available at the European Summit for business partners who are interested in the service portfolio. A networking lounge on the show floor is being provided and the company is sponsoring a happy hour party.

To make an appointment, or for further information contact Fischbacher at +43/664-969 90 98, or email m.fischbacher@dimoco.eu.