N.Y. Times Examines 'The Canyons,' How James Deen Got the Role

LOS ANGELES -- The New York Times on Thursday unveilved an in-depth story about the making of "The Canyons," the forthcoming mainstream film starring James Deen and Lindsay Lohan.

In the article titled, "Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie," writer Stephen Rodrick recounts how "Canyons" screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis zeroed in on the porn superstud Deen for his lead role early in the development process. 

"He had recently become fascinated with James Deen, a 26-year-old known as the Porn Star Next Door," Rodrick writes. "... His 4,000 films have gained him a cult of female fans because he is well endowed and sensitive.

"But Ellis didn’t see Deen as harmless. He wrote the script with Deen in his head for the role of Christian, a classic Ellis sociopathic trust-funder, convinced there “was a devil behind the Jewish boy-next-door cute guy.”

The film, directed by Paul Schrader, will mark Deen's Hollywood debut. 

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