Affil4You Sets Sights On Swiss Mobile Market

PARIS — Affil4You has announced plans to help its affiliates become a dominating force in the Swiss mobile market.

The company said during its foray into Switzerland it has done an in-depth evaluation of the market and has uncovered an abundant source of opportunities for its affiliates to monetize Swiss traffic and help entrepreneurs expanding into mobile.

According to its research, consumers spent more than 100 million Euros on premium services in 2011, including WAP and SMS billing. And smartphones account for 45 percent of connected devices in Switzerland, 95 percent of the traffic and 90 percent of the revenue.

Affil4You’s research also revealed that mobile spenders preferred post-paid transactions by 60 percent, while 40 percent opted for prepaid.

With the average revenue per user at more than 50 Euros, the company said now is the perfect time to take advantage of mobile market growth.

Like its presence in the French market, Affil4You said it is poised to also dominate the Swiss mobile arena.

The company now monetizes global mobile traffic in more than 75 countries, recently adding Italy, Asia, Australia, and Canada with plans to launch in several additional major countries.

“As part of our commitment to our affiliate partners, Affil4You analyzes and researches every country’s mobile/wireless needs thoroughly prior to launch. Additionally, we test each territory extensively with our own campaigns to ensure monetization of all sorts of traffic,” the company said.

The company’s team will be on hand at both XBIZ 360 Digital Media Conference and Internext Expo for meetings. Contact for more information.