2much.net's LiveCamNetwork Launches Amassed Video Website

MONTREAL — 2much.net's live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com launched its new paysite today that the company said monetizes the video content it's amassed over the years.

The "LiveCamNetwork Time Machine," as site owner Mark Prince calls the sub-site of his flagship webcam destination, has launched with hundreds of videos and exclusive images of performers and noted favorites of the site's chat room users.

"That's the base of the content at first," Prince said. "As time goes on, the more obscure girls will be delivered, as well as the increasing database of current, active favorites."

It's no surprise a cam site that has been around as long as LiveCamNetwork.com would have what appears to be many inactive models in their collection.

"Chatting isn't a career," said Prince. "College girls graduate and go on to bigger, better things. We've helped support teachers, psychologists and researchers over the past."

He added, "One of our LCN Girls is a political science graduate who ended up co-ed of the week in Playboy and has been getting speaking parts in Hollywood movies like 'The Last Kiss.'"

Prince said he has been envisioning the concept for a few years and while reviewing the material saw the bigger picture."The primer came from the stacks of hard disks and DVD ROMS sitting on the shelves for all these years."

"For me it's also a time travel trip to the beginnings of the LiveCamNetwork platform, the technology and how it has evolved over the years," Prince said. "While we had the best quality video streams on the market at their time, they're nothing compared to how far we've come with this."

What remains timeless for Prince are the models. "While all of the videos are raw and unedited, most all of the women who appear are flirty, beautiful and sexy. Hardly any 'Morlocks,'" Prince said.

The is content available on mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android, as well as Macs and PCs. Prince and his team are hoping to bring the LiveCamNetwork experience to as broad an audience as possible, while still keeping the free join and chat access of the main webcams in order to "To take guys that much closer to the real LCN experience — in real time," Prince said.

The Time Machine has soft-launched with an affiliate program spawned from the recent association between 2much.net and the Elevated X CMS.

Starting in January, Prince also announced a new contest where customers can win a free "Philby" every month.

For more information on the new offering visit LiveCamNetwork.com.