DreamZone Ships Posters to Promote Upcoming Parodies

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Vantage Distribution has shipped to retailers two-sided posters to promote DreamZone Entertainment's new parodies "MacGyver XXX" and "Barb Wire XXX."

"MacGyver XXX" is a sendup of the classic ABC action-adventure series about a secret U.S. government agent who opts to use everyday objects rather than firearms to execute dangerous assignments.

Richie Calhoun plays MacGyver in the parody, which finds him on a mission to rescue both his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend from an evil nemesis, using everyday sex toys and objects.

"Barb Wire XXX" stars Britney Amber as Barbara Kopetski, a post-apocalyptic bounty hunter known as Barb Wire. The spoof is based on the movie adaptation of the Dark Horse Comic, starring Pamela Anderson.

Both projects are written and directed by Van Anderson.

"These posters are a perfect way to help promote the movie and continue to create consumer awareness at the street level," DreamZone Entertainment Vice President Adam Hasner said.

"Retailers can get maximum usage of the poster by flipping it over following the release of 'MacGyver XXX' and use it to begin promoting our next blockbuster feature-parody, 'Barb Wire XXX.'"