AbbyWinters Cites Content Variety as Key to Retention

AMSTERDAM — reported today that adding a variety of content has helped bolster the website’s member retention.

The company attributes the addition of its boy/girl shoots, casual podcasts, education clips and its noir “After Dark” shoots to a reduction of members canceling and an increase in rebills.

“We analyze the reasons customers provide when canceling rebills, and see ‘lack of variety’ commonly cited,” CEO Garion Hall said. “In reaction to this, we added several different styles of content. We have noticed rebills-per-customer increasing in response to this."

Hall explained that the site rebills started at around 5.0 times but now the average monthly-rebilling customer signs on again 7.2 times including their initial subscription, before canceling.

And boy/girl shoots have been a driving force. “Our scenes are of real-life loving couples, who are making love and having fun making their own sex-tape, so to speak. Of course, we can enjoy being voyeurs,” creative director Rhyss Hall said.

Other new regular features that’s bolstered the website’s portfolio is its “Editor's Choice” clips that highlight the best scenes of a fetish niche, and “Mystery Shoots” that titillate and surprise members with experimental deviations from the standard fare.

The company also said it is experimenting with new styles of existing shoots such public guerilla shoots, and intimate amateur solo shoots that will also include boy/girl self-shots.