XR Offers Comprehensive Wand Essentials Massager Collection

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Complete with a new slatwall merchandising plan, Wand Essentials provides retailers with 15 styles of this classic must-have vibrator style with a series of accessories that make them versatile, multipurpose sex toys for men, women and couples.

Retailers can fulfill shoppers’ wand vibrator needs with just one family of products that includes pocket-sized, travel-sized and full-sized wands featuring multiple speeds and pulse patterns and18 innovative attachments. With designs for G-spot, prostate, erotic massage and anal play, Wand Essentials offers the widest variety of wand massagers and accessories to appeal to consumers of all sexual tastes and interests.

“Wand massagers remain one of the top 5 best-selling products in retail stores worldwide and XR Brands created Wand Essentials to help develop this popular sex toy into a sales category of its own,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “Wand Essentials and its merchandising plan will support and promote rising sales numbers in this key product division.”

The 18-piece Wand Essentials attachment collection features an array of extensions that fit over the signature bulbous head of any Wand Essentials brand or other traditional wand massager. Each is made with an ergonomic shape and features body-safe materials compatible with water- and silicone-based lubricants.

“Attachment accessories are quickly becoming an integral part of the wand massager category and Wand Essentials is the only line that features dynamic designs packaged separately for cohesive display,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill said. “Consumers clearly love the form and function of a wand massager, and Wand Essentials makes it easy for retailers to recognize and promote this trend by creating a product category of its own.”

The latest in the Wand Essentials wand massager collection is the Petit Fleur, a “mini mini” wand small enough to fit in a pocket or purse but powerful enough to feature three separate speeds. This cute yet functional mini wand is the perfect portable vibe for every wand massager fan.

“Retailers who stock the pre-merchandised Wand Essentials collection online and in stores will experience a significant boost in wand massager sales – and their shoppers will appreciate the assortment of accessories that enhance one of their favorite adult toys,” Merrill said.

To view the entire Wand Essentials line, WandEssentials.com.