Naughty Revenue Launches Naughty Americans Website

SAN DIEGO — Naughty Revenue, the affiliate program of production studio Naughty America, has launched, a tabloid-inspired site for "leaked amateur" footage.

According to the company's press release, the theme behind is based on the idea of ordinary people capturing their sexual exploits on camera and posting them on a tabloid-style site.

The site loosely resembles revenge/infidility sites by featuring "leaked" footage of girls cheating on absent boyfriends, guys pranking girls into sex and various voyeuristic scenarios.

"We're excited to add Naughty Americans to our repertoire," Naughty America CEO Eddie Arenas said. "Coming from Naughty America, it felt natural to step in this direction.

"The design and feel of this site is unique, and we expect great things from it."