Alexander DeVoe Receives XBIZ Noms, Helms Urban X Awards

LOS ANGELES — Director and producer Alexander DeVoe has received several XBIZ Award nominations and has now announced that he has taken over the Urban X Awards.

The Urban X awards honors the best in ethnic performers and productions in the adult industry was previously helmed by Giana Taylor.

"It's a big step, and a lot of very hard work, but this past awards program, was a success, and we are looking forward to the next show which will be dubbed Urban X 6," DeVoe said.

There will be no 2013 Urban X Awards Show. The past show will be broadcast on a major network and the following year, 2014 will start fresh with Urban X Media, Urban X News, Urban X TV and Urban X 6.

DeVoe is also removing himself from the submissions for any of his own projects or productions, so he can concentrate on the other companies and directors who may be up for an award in those categories.

DeVoe is a three time winner of the Urban X Awards. DeVoe's official site is