Cherry Media Launches Star App

BARCELONA — Cherry Media S.L. today initiated what it’s calling the first stage of its “Adult App Experiment” strategy by launching its first Cherry Stars App in the project featuring adult star Aletta Ocean.

The Android “bikini-graded” app, launched under the Cherry Media Apps brand — —  ties in with Ocean’s birthday month of December and features 20 images, that can be used as wallpapers along with 12 videos and a star’s biography.

The app will be available from various app stores, including GooglePlay as a free download.

New stars will be added to the portfolio each month so that consumers and fans can collect the different apps and have instant access on their Android devices. As the portfolio grows, the stars will promote each other.

Cherry said the Aletta Ocean App experiment was designed to ascertain the optimum local and international business models for adult apps.

The project will identify the best global and local conversion strategies of different app models, such as free, freemium and premium; try and test various complimentary strategies and technical “add-on” features to better monetize and cross-sell erotic application;  and test the right submission strategies, positioning and resulting performance of the different app stores in relation to graded glamour and adult apps.

Cherry said it is also seeking to discover the strongest territories to monetize adult apps and the associated optimal billing partners for each territory, and examine consumer interaction with different adult apps.

"Generating sustainable new revenues from apps is not easy as I pointed out in one of our Cherry Media articles — ‘Mobile Apps — Show Me The Money,'" founder and CEO Julia Dimambro said.

She added, “We see too many of our partners investing time, money and resources in creating erotic applications without any real facts as to what is the best business model, distribution channel, billing method and marketing strategy for their audience and objectives. We aim to change that with our learning from the Adult App Experiment so that we can effectively identify all of these factors based on real results for our partners’ specific requirements, target audience and budget.”