Mark 'Blazing' Schechter, Peter North Partner Up With Shy Love at ATM/LA

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — ATM/LA is adding two key partners in a move that is aimed to impact the talent segment of the adult entertainment industry. 

Legendary porn icon Peter North and highly regarded industry veteran Mark "Blazing" Schechter are partnering with existing ATM/LA agency owner Shy Love to expand operations offering  new opportunities for performers and studios alike.

"Having put so much of myself into the launch and growth of ATM/LA, I knew it was important to bring in the right kind of partners now, in order to take the entire agency to the next level" Shy Love said. "This new arrangement gives me the ability to reduce my time commitments in Los Angeles so I can focus on discovering potential areas of growth in Europe and beyond. Mark and Peter are the perfect people for this venture, and I'm thrilled with the way everything is working out so seamlessly."

When asked what his role will be in the future of ATM/LA, North said, "As part of this team my main contribution will be public relations and marketing of the company as a brand ambassador."

"I won't have too much interaction with the day to day operations. ATM/LA is now a very talented group of professionals, each playing to respective strengths in ways that benefit everyone involved."

Schechter, who brings 14 years of experience in the adult industry monetizing and managing high-profile model sites, said that having done so much on the Internet and affiliate marketing side of the industry, "agency ownership is something I have been interested in for a while, and this deal has so much going for it."

"The new opportunities we can open up for models, and also being able to see things from the studio point of view, makes me confident that the day to day improvements we can make will be very rewarding for all of our clients. On a personal level, ATM/LA rounds out my experience in the adult industry while presenting a fresh set of advantages that I am very excited to explore."

Studios and Models interested in working with the fastest growing adult talent agency are encouraged to contact for more information. To make arrangements for any upcoming productions, visit, call (818) 825-1239.