Redneck Raunch on the Rise?

LOS ANGELES — Redneck reality shows like “Honey Boo Boo” and “Swamp People” could be fueling an up tick in hillbilly porn.

TMZ has reported that interest in adult films focusing on trailer trash sex have tripled in the last two years.

VOD giant GameLink said it's seen a 250 percent increase in the niche since 2010, according to TMZ, featuring titles like "Hillbilly Honeys," "Real White Trash" and "Ozark Sex Fiend.”

And the train wreck reality shows have given new life to what was once one of GameLink’s worst selling genres.

But porn producers shouldn’t start trading underthings for overalls just yet.

AEBN vice president of sales and marketing Jerry Anders told XBIZ that he doesn’t see the trend at all.

“The terms ‘redneck,’ ‘white trash,’ or ‘hillbilly’ or other variations of those keywords are not even in our top 500 search terms across on our entire network. If I were a producer, I wouldn’t go down this rabbit hole yet,” Anders said.