Adds Pay-Per-Scene Option

Bob Johnson

AMSTERDAM — announced today the launch of pay-per-scene on its website site to capture sales from transitory traffic.

The company said that after extensive testing, the results show that pay-per-scene members outspend the traditional subscription members.

“We get a lot of traffic who browse the site for a short time. Perhaps they liked the clip they saw on a tube site. Instead of asking them to buy a subscription, we allow them to buy single scenes that interest them. Some people don’t want to be locked-in with a subscription,” CEO Garion Hall said.

Shoots purchased via pay-per-scene remain in the user’s permanent “digital locker.”

“Storing scenes in the digital locker lets users access content from anywhere, at anytime. That’s very important now; it’s their secret stash. Also, it keeps the users coming back, which allows us to promote additional related scenes,” Hall explained.

Additionally, pay-per-scene members have access to all of the content from that shoot; pictures, videos, and handwritten “bios” by the models and discussion forums.

Hall said, “The additional benefit is we get to unlock value from back-catalogue content. Pay-per-scene members are buying shoots from back in 2002, 2003, as well as more recent releases.”

The company noted that statistics show usage is high, and spending patterns are significantly higher than those allowed by subscription-based sales. Hall added, “Of course, affiliates enjoy the increased revenue as well.”