Legend Toys Launches

LOS ANGELES — Legend Toys, a collaboration between Keith Weng from La Viva Blue and Martin Logan from Sexerciseme, has officially launched.

"Seeing a need in the market for quality new generation products, Legend Toys is determined to set the benchmark for innovation and quality in the adult toy industry," the company said.

The company is inviting retailers and distributors to visit its stand #920 in the Muse hall at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Jan. 16-19 where the company will be showcasing the Mi Girl Doll and the new generation La Viva Lovelight.

According to the company, each Mi Girl Doll is precision built using TPE silicone, the highest quality and most lifelike material, to replicate human features and sensations.

"The TPE silicone ensures the doll has a soft, skin-like feel, while the breast area is enhanced to better reflect the suppleness of natural breasts," the company said. "What separates Mi Girl from other silicone based dolls on the market is Mi Girl’s ability to self-lubricate. Developed using superior technology, Mi Girl is unique in its capacity to be heated and brought to a realistic human body temperature, as well as its ability to imitate the sound of a female climaxing."

The company said Mi Girl is made using a flexible skeletal structure, which allows it to be manipulated into a wide variety of positions.

The structure is built for durability and works with the elasticity of the silicone to maintain its form.

According to the company, the new generation La Viva Lovelight is a hand-held masturbator designed to feel like the real thing. It features a moisture absorbing, insert system and a soft, ribbed, sleeve encompassing its self-pressurizing shaft.

The La Viva Lovelight insert can be soaked in warm water, cold water or lubricant, depending on the user’s preference.

The liquids are transferred onto the user’s penis as the La Viva Lovelight is penetrated, recreating a realistic sensation.

For more information, visit Legend-Toys.com.