Playboy's New Headquarters Shown Off in Slideshow

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Fashion and beauty website has posted photos that take viewers through the new digs of Playboy Enterprises.

The photo slideshow of Playboy's new 45,000-square-foot headquarters not only highlights the interior architectural values of the new Beverly Hills, Calif., office, but it also includes several interviews of the key players who put together the magazine and are involved in brand licensing.

Playboy staffers interviewed for the piece include Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy magazine's editorial director and chief content officer; Hugh Garvey, the magazine's articles editor; and Landis Smithers, its creative director.

Also interviewed were Scott Flanders, Playboy's CEO; Caitlin Bower, the company's marketing director; and four Playmates, among others.

Playboy moved to Beverly Hills this year after consolidating offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.