Reporo Reaches Monthly Ad Impression Milestone

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Adult mobile ad network Reporo reported today that it has broken its all-time traffic record to reach the 25 billion ad impressions per month milestone.

The company maintained that this figure represents about three times more mobile impressions than available elsewhere.

Much of the success, according to the company, is attributed to global user adoption of the mobile web, sparked by the launch of the iPhone five years ago. Reporo said it capitalized on this growth with a local presence in each of the major mobile markets including North America, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Far East with six international offices (London, U.S., South Africa, India, Philippines, and Japan).

According to Reporo, this global monetization helped to drive revenues up for its publishers, and gave advertisers the global reach needed to take advantage of the opportunity that the mobile web offers.

“Even publishers who do not have a mobile site can monetize their mobile visitors (probably as much as 15 percent) through our re-direct network,” Reporo said.

Eventually, Reporo believes the mobile opportunity will be much larger that the desktop web, as mobile payment methods provided by mobile carriers give access to vast parts of the world where credit cards are not popular. The company said its motto is “think global, act local.”

Through its international offices, Reporo said it can recruit local language, and high converting publishers for their advertisers. And with its ability to launch mobile re-directs and pop-unders, Reporo said it has exerted major effort into developing new ad formats that benefit both advertisers and publishers

The company also noted that future plans include offices in Latin America and South Korea, and is considering China as its “next big step.”

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