NETbilling Now Offering Smartphone Swipe Terminals

VALENCIA, Calif. — NETbilling announced today that is now offering a phone swipe device in addition to its popular smart phone virtual terminal.

The company said its Phone Swipe was developed to give merchants the ability to accept credit cards from anywhere they have cell phone access on their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, and enjoy the low rates and security associated with accepting card present transactions.

"Many NETbilling merchants wanted the ability to accept cards on the go and have been using NETbilling's virtual terminal application for iPhone,” Mitch Farber, President of NETbilling said.

He added, “Having the new phone swipe give merchants the ease of processing credit card payments on virtually any smartphone and we are excited to be able to provide this along with our other great transaction processing tools and services.” 

Some of the new offering’s features include a free app and card reader, 2.69 percent flat rate, and no application, set-up or cancellation fees.

The product also offers a merchant portal with access to detailed account activity and reports, and provides funding within two business days of processed sales.

NETbilling noted that the app is customizable for inventory, discounts, tips, and more.

For more information on the phone swipe contact the NETbilling sales department at (888) 357-8166 or email