'Authority Figures' Arrives on DVD From AEBN, Hard Candy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The popular scenes from the "Authority Figures" series are now available on one DVD from Hard Candy Films and AEBN, a leader in adult video-on-demand.

"Authority Figures" is all about sexual power plays. In the first scene, "Teach Me a Lesson," Dean of Students Kiki Daire lets academically troubled college football star Danny Mountain keep his scholarship after he fulfills her twisted fantasy. "Her New Daddy" tells the story of how young brunette Reena Sky sexually blackmails her overzealous stepfather-to-be, Evan Stone, while her mother's away on business. In "His Secretary's Secret," powerful businessman Marcus London runs into a former escort turned office temp, Chastity Lynn, and has to decide whether to keep things professional and not mention their past "date" or assert his authority to get what he needs. Finally, in "The Mean Babysitter," when Wolf Hudson runs into his sadistic former babysitter Nica Noelle, he lures her to his apartment and evens the score in an erotic power play.

"The sexual power struggles between authority figures and the younger people at their mercy proved to be a powerful turn-on in these scenes," said AEBN VP of Sales and Marketing Jerry Anders. "Our VOD customers really responded to these scenes, and we're excited to collect all four of them on DVD."

"Power struggles always make for explosive sex scenes," remarked writer/director Nica Noelle. "Sometimes the person in the submissive role is actually the one calling the shots, as in Kiki and Danny's anal scene, which is one of the sexiest I've ever shot. Kiki's ass is truly a work of art and it's on full, spectacular display here as Danny asserts his anal dominance. Every scene in the movie is different, but the tension and passion remain at a fever pitch all the way through."

Hard Candy Films' "Authority Figures" is now available on DVD through Pulse Distribution.