CalExotics Debuts 'Posh' Line of Pleasure Products

CHINO, Calif. — California Exotic Novelties debuted its “Posh” line of sex toys today.

The company described the line as an irreverent, adventurous and playful collection that emphasizes the fun side of sex with bright, trendy colors and an array of distinctive designs.

Included are several different massagers, the 10-Function Silicone Butterfly Lover, Performance Kits, “O” Probes, “O” Balls, Lover’s Cages, “O” Beads, Vibro Rings, Love Rings, and three different Finger Teasers: Swirls, Hearts and Rings.

“Posh was inspired by the fashion world,” Susan Colvin, President and CEO said. “The colors, the funky shapes, the edgy print campaign — all these elements make Posh something unique in the world of sex toys. By focusing on the fun side of sex, we’ve created a brand identity that’s new and exciting for California Exotic Novelties.”

Posh products come in pink, blue, orange and purple. Made out of 100 percent pure silicone, the Collection features strong, reliable motors, which meet the European directive for RoHS and WEEE.

“The new Posh Collection has something for everyone,” explained Jackie White, vice president of sales. “It houses a wide variety of toys. Because the brand is all about having fun and exploring, we’re confident everyone can find something they love in Posh.”

A special advertising promotion was conceived to launch the collection that uses an avant-garde approach, according to the company.

“The vibrant colors and fanciful brand name inspired the Posh campaign. While planning a photo shoot we came up with the idea of placing a couple against a clean, stark background. She would pop with color and personality, he, on the other hand, would be transformed into her provocative prop. This playful juxtaposition, along with the strategically placed copy, catches the viewer off guard and snatches their attention,”  explained Desiree Duffie, director of public relations.

“Posh is incredibly striking on store walls,” added director of marketing Al Bloom. “The immaculate, white, subtly embossed packaging explodes with color to make merchandising easy. Priced-right for discerning shoppers, it’s sure to be a huge hit, one to stock heavily.”

Plan-o-grams to help stores with their merchandising needs are being offered for the line. A Posh brochure and sign are also available.

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