Studios Unite on

AMSTERDAM — The creators of say that "cooperative competition" has given their site momentum with traffic and conversions.

Sites uploading content to LesbianKino send exit and bounced traffic to LesbianKino for another opportunity to convert the lost sale and claim 50% of it. The remaining 50% is divided equally between the other sites involved in LesbianKino, so every studio benefits from every transaction.

LesbianKino launched in mid-September using a platform developed, and it is enjoying conversion of 861:1 for exit traffic. The site is simple and gimmick-free with one monthly subscription rate, the creators said. Visitors have free access to 25% of the site’s content, but all content is completely free for smartphone visitors. The site aimed to achieve "top-of-mind" recall, so that when visitors think "lesbian," they go straight to LesbianKino. At launch, 99% of traffic was referred, but after two months direct traffic picked up to 65%.

Unlike the standard Tube "landlord and tenant" model, wherein sites "rent" space from a tube-site, LesbianKino has taken a different approach to the revenue split. Businesses will soon be able to advertise on LesbianKino and any ad revenue will be shared with the partner sites. Currently, the partner sites are, and

“By releasing a mixture of recent and archived video scenes each week, and making some material available for free to visitors, we’re adapting to market demands,” said Viv Thomas.

Garion Hall from explained, “It was just so obviously simple to partner with these excellent studios, and keep the value and traffic in our own networks.”

Bailey from added, “We’ve built brand equity and every time someone thinks of lesbian porn – even the free stuff – they come to one of our sites, not a tube site, because they know the quality."

In addition, LesbianKino works with guest sites, or new producers with strong content. This helps the site add variety and quantity while not adding any additional costs to the partner sites, the creators said.