NakedSword Debuts New Web Series 'Truck'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals premiered today on the first episode of its new web series "Truck," starring Christian Wilde and Jake Genesis.

Shot at the actual Truck bar in San Francisco, the series is based on owner Paul Miller's true exploits. The popular watering hole holds a reputation for being a prime hook-up spot.

"Truck's" debut episode centers on a biker (Genesis) looking to find shelter on a rainy weekday afternoon. The Truck bar isn't set to open its doors till evening, but its bartender (Wilde) welcomes the biker into the establishment and into his holes.

"Truck" is directed by mr. Pam and comes on the heels of the NakedSword's "Grindhouse" series, which also starred Wilde and Genesis.