BangYouLater Rejects Big Money Offer for Twitter Page

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Tube site reported today that it recently rejected a “six-figure” lump sum offer from an adult company for control of its “” page.

The company did not disclose to XBIZ what company made the offer nor the actual amount, other than it was a “large industry business.” A spokesperson commented, "Due to the privacy of the interested buyer we are unable to disclose details out of respect and good business ethics. The interested buyer had asked that the info not be made public."

BangYouLater also said it has rejected numerous other offers for the Twitter page. The site operator maintained that a single word extension like “porn” on a huge social media platform like Twitter can have great advantages for companies that know how to use it in their marketing campaign.

Company legal representative Corey Silverstein said he’s not surprised by the substantial interest in the Twitter page. “When you are dealing with the combination of one the most popular social networking tools in the world and the most recognizable term used for adult entertainment, it is a virtual certainty that there will be no shortage of interest.”

Media rep Jo Merlone, of KiwiSourcing confirmed that the quantity of adult film stars attracted to the Twitter page has contributed to the substantial interest from various adult businesses.

Merlone said, “I was not surprised by the six-figure offer that my client received but we expect to continue seeing these sort of offers as the Twitter page has clearly created quite a buzz.”

The adult company noted that given the popularity and usage of Twitter pages, it’s not surprising that they’re being traded amongst private parties on a daily basis and that controlling parties are more likely to encounter hostile activities and hacking attempts.

“Unfortunately the team has recently had to expend substantial costs in order to protect and fight off hacking attempts of the Twitter page,” Silverstein said. “My client is prepared to utilize all of its available resources to track down those responsible for these unlawful activities and if necessary, my client will utilize the various legal tools at its disposal.”