Webmaster Central Integrates Lease Content With Mansion's MAS

Rhett Pardon

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has integrated its leased content services with Mansion Production’s popular MAS content management system. 

Andy Alvarez, CEO of Webmaster Central, offered praise for the advanced features offered by MAS, as well as its seamless integration with Webmaster Central content.

“Webmaster Central’s integration with the MAS CMS is one of the most exciting things we have done in quite sometime,” Alvarez said. “We want webmasters to see how incredible the technology behind MAS actually is.  Our programmers here at Webmaster Central were blown away at how advanced the MAS system was.  If more Webmasters knew how easy it would make their lives, I think most would make it a priority to use the MAS system.”

Oystein, CEO of Mansion Productions, said that his company is excited about its new partnership and that MAS is bound to increase retention and conversions.

"In addition to the ability to browse all the currently present Webmaster Central video content through the MAS interface, select and import the chosen ones to the customer's own sites, MAS clients will also have the ability to subscribe to given categories and then the system will automatically add new updates every day as they get released by WebmasterCentral,” Oystein said. 

“This hands-off feature will provide the convenience of frequent updates to client's sites with no action required after the initial setup."

Existing clients of Webmaster Central leased content services can take advantage of a special 25 percent discount being offered by Mansion Productions for new MAS license purchases. To take advantage of this offer, Webmaster Central clients should contact Ross, the MAS project manager for Mansion Productions.