TrafficJunky Launches Mobile App

LUXEMBOURG — Web advertising company TrafficJunky on Tuesday launched its TJ Mobile Application available for Android devices and the iPhone.

The TJ mobile app allows advertisers to fund their TrafficJunky accounts by credit card, edit their CPM bids and monitor and optimize campaigns.

“Clients can now get even more out of TrafficJunky,” project manager Diana Cerone said. “By enabling them to manage their campaigns on the go, our all new mobile application puts clients in the driver’s seat more than ever before.”

TrafficJunky said it ensures advertisers access to web, mobile and iPad traffic with an inventory of 1.5 billion impressions a day.

TrafficJunky's primary network is composed of the world's most-visited PC and mobile adult tube sites and its service employs a self-serve, easy to use CPM bidding platform and numerous campaign optimizing features.

“Achieving excellence in our products, services, and processes is our attitude at TrafficJunky,” said Sebastien Galina, Traffic Junky sales director. “We’re committed to our current and future partners and believe strongly in continually improving TrafficJunky for them.”

Advertisers can begin using the TJ mobile app once they have signed up here.