BangYouLater Makes Site Compatible for iPad Mini

Rhett Pardon

MONTREAL — Developers at BangYouLater have tweaked their website to make it the first adult tube site that is 100-percent compatible with Apple's new iPad Mini.

“Although many adult sites are compatible with the iPad and iPad Mini, we have taken extensive measures to make sure we outperform them in terms of video load time and usability,” BangYouLater officials say.

Since the site was already functional on the iPad, BangYouLater officials said, it was nearly ready for the mini but there were a few still a few tweaks that needed to be done.

“Due to the smaller size of the new iPad Mini, it was a challenge to deliver the best possible experience to our valued users," a BangYouLater developer said. "We wanted to ensure that all the information that is on screen with the regular iPad was still available without being too small to use or too cluttered.”