DatingGold Teams Up With MediaReps, GrandSlamMedia

STOCKTON, Calif. —, a leading online dating affiliate program, has teamed up with traffic broker companies Grand Slam Media and Media Reps. Combined the two brokering companies manage 95% of the ad space on 16 of DatingGold's brands.

CEO Allan Henning explained, "With the huge increase of traffic on our site network and the increasing demand of advertiser support we felt our advertisers would be best serviced by Media Reps and Grandslam Media. Working with Media Reps and Grandslam Media has enabled us to organize our time with a focus on future growth.”

Representatives of the companies are enthusiastic about the progress of this new business relationship and are happy to be able to offer such high quality traffic to their clients.

Luke Hazlewood of Grandslam Media said that he “looks forward to what the future has in store," while Mark Bauman of Media Reps is happy to offer his clients “some of the best sites in the industry.”

DatingGold said it has increased traffic within its member pages and served over 700 million ad impressions in October 2012. Advertisers have access to high quality users who have demonstrated a  likeliness to join and pay.

Advertisers who are interested in advertising on DatingGold’s websites should contact: or