PornTube Adds Thumb Selection to Content Platform

ALTEA, Spain — has added a thumb selection to its content publishing program that allows publishers better control over content.

“Due to popular demand for this tool, we made it a priority to add this feature to our publishing program," PornTube's program manager Lizz said. 

Content publishers can now select a custom thumbnail for each video uploaded. Once the video has been encoded, a thumbnail is automatically generated. If a publisher wishes to change the pre-selected thumbnail, they can click on "select another thumbnail" to be presented with the option to select a new one of their choosing. Publishers can also change thumbnails from previously listed videos as well. 

"We are constantly building new tools to improve our platform and offer a better user experience for our publishers.” said Lizz, who noted that its content publishing program has been steadily growing in popularity with the number of participants tripling since the program launch.