Contest Turns Fans' Scripts Into Videos

SAN FRANCISCO — is offering fans a chance to turn their fantasy into reality with a new contest that lets them submit their BDSM fantasies in script form.

The company will produce up to 10 of the scripts, and one winner will be awarded a $2000 cash prize.

“We want the fans dictate the fantasy,” said John Sander, vice president of marketing. “Since we started, fans have asked us to create specific scenes or scenarios. This contest takes it one step further, and invites them to really detail what they’d like to see.”

The contest rules are simple. Fans are asked to create an original scenario, submitted in the form of a script of not more than 20 pages. The script must adhere to Kink’s strict ethical and production guidelines, and be able to be produced on existing Kink sets in their historic San Francisco Armory production studios.

A panel of directors will select the winning scripts. In addition to seeing their script produced, each of the winners will receive a yearlong membership to a site. Everyone who submits will receive a credit to Kink On Demand, or the Kink Live cam site.

“I got the idea while reading some of the incredible BDSM fiction on blogs and fan sites,” Robert Levy, marketing manager said. “It’s very detailed, and very involved. There’s a creativity and intensity in community that we want in our own productions. Fans of fetish should think of as a partner, a place they can see their deepest fantasies realized.”

Details of the contest are available at, the company’s news site and at The deadline for submission is November 30, 2012.

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