pjur CEO Delivers Sexual Counseling Seminar at Moscow EroExpo

WASSERBILLIG, Luxemburg — pjur Group CEO and founder Alexander Giebel addressed more than 60 participants in a seminar on how intimate products are made and should be used at the recent EroExpo in Moscow.

Giebel ws joined in the talk by Maksim Demidov, the CEO of the Education Center for Sexuality in Moscow.

Because of pjur’s experience and reputation in the development, production, and distribution of premium intimate products — particularly silicone and water based lubricants — the company said trainers recommend pjur to the participants of such courses.

The pjur range comprises 40 products from six product categories. The goal of the seminar was to explain which are best for any individual application. Pjur explained to participants that while a lubricant on silicone basis is usually the first choice for an erotic massage, an intimate spray can stimulate the partners, followed by the med clean spray for gentle intimate hygiene.

“Many women, about 70 percent of our audience, have never been in a sex shop. We open the door to the world of sex for them,” Demidov said.

She added, “The things they learn in these seminars and the products we recommend to them are an important aid and enrich their sex life. Our education center has become a unique platform for elucidation. Due to our collaboration with Erotic Fantasy, the exclusive distributor of pjur in Russia, we learned about the pjur products, and now, we recommend them to our women as the best prime-quality intimate products.”

The company noted that a number of questions about intimate products from knowledge-hungry attendees were fielded by Giebel and Demidov after the seminar concluded.