Playboy TV Premieres 'The Man' Dating Show

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Playboy TV has premiered a provocative new reality dating show: The Man, where self-proclaimed “Casanovas” who are convinced they are God’s gift to even the most insatiable women, are put to the real test to prove that they should be crowned, “The Man.”

Hosted by American model and former PlayStation TV Host, Meredith Molinari, and evaluated by two beautiful female judges, the 10 half-hour episodes follow four men as they compete through three stimulating rounds of sexually explicit challenges, battling it out, to be the last man standing.

Fans will recognize Molinari from hosing all three seasons of the original reality series, "The Tester" by 51 Minds airing on The PlayStation Network, and entertainment spots for MSNnow.

“Playboy TV has always been at the cutting edge of sexual exploration,” Wendy Miller, vice president of development said. "We were looking for a dating format that was not only fun and sexy, but a show that has an actual takeaway for our viewers. "

She added, There's a reason some guys always do well with women and, when our viewers watch ‘The Man,’ they're going to see first-hand the simple things they can do to attract a woman, and what moves every guy should avoid.”

The four inaugural contestants include a physics student, carpenter, swimwear model and photographer who list their “special moves” like “keep it classy” and “ass grab.”

The producers said the show is filled with outlandish comments, brutally honest critiques, and "tons of laugh-out -loud moments."