Sienna Sinclaire Profiled by Singular Magazine

VENICE, Calif.  — Sienna Sinclaire is profiled by Singular Magazine.

Editor Kim Calvert interviewed her at her home in Santa Monica.

“It’s clear from her home — its size, its location, the expensive furnishings, the luxurious details — that there’s money to be made when you know your way around the sex industry.”

Sinclaire has just published her first book, "Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles."

“I’d wanted to write a book and I’d blogged about my naughty travel adventures for a long time,” she said. “I wanted something really nice — great photos, nice paper — women like pretty stuff. This book is definitely for women. It’s a great gift. The book has everything from sexy restaurants to things that are hardcore. It’s up to you to define what turns you on, and what you want to do.”

Last week she celebrated the publication with a signing at Sexx University.

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