'Storage Wars' Star Sues Hunter Moore Over Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES — "Storage Wars" star Brandi Passante is suing Hunter Moore, founder of the now defunct revenge/identity porn site IsAnyoneUp.com, for fabricating a sex tape meant to exploit her celebrity.

In a complaint filed in California federal court, Passante alleges that Moore posted on his Tumblr and Twitter accounts a fabricated pornographic video of a woman pretending to be her.

According to THR.com, the lawsuit alleges defamation, consumer fraud and violation of the Lanham Act. Passante is seeking damages, an injuction and a restraining order.

Moore, who claimed to make upwards of $13,000 a month for posting nude photos submitted to IsAnyoneUp.com by vengeful exes and exhibitionist alike, sold the site to anti-bullying website BullyVille.com in April, citing "legal drama" and change-of-heart as his reasons.

"Storage Wars" has aired on A&E for three seasons.