Calvista Announces Expansion in Key Business Areas

MELBOURNE, Australia — Calvista today announced completion of expansion in a number of its key business areas.

“Like many companies in the digital and online era, our traditional distribution model was under pressure and had to adapt to rapid change," Calvista CEO Michael Bassett said. "It has been another fast-paced year with IT development, establishment of new divisions and constant expansion. With our new cloud-based IT platforms we are now in a flexible upwardly scalable position to embrace the changing demands of current and future evolving businesses.”

Two separate, completely new, B2B Calvista websites, and have been rolled out for Australia and New Zealand showcasing a host of new features. Improvements include a new look and feel along with improved product categories, advanced search and easier navigation. Customers also have the ability to complete bulk order uploading, view real-time stock levels and pre-purchase items before they land in Australia.

The company has also debuted new "Netsuite" cloud-based enterprise software that’s been implemented across all Australian and New Zealand locations and warehouses on July 1 of this year.  Enterprise software encompasses the company's purchasing, inventory management, finance, marketing, sales teams and e-commerce.  Basset said, “Our old hardware and software platforms were hamstringing us, we couldn’t move forward, we couldn’t implement anything new and we constantly had server issues and prohibitive IT costs.”

He added, “We’re now web-based and can access our entire records and inventory from anywhere, particularly at customer sites when keying orders or checking product statuses. We also implemented new warehouse management software controlling all inventory movements across the group and new LCD handheld barcode scanners in all warehouses and showrooms and all new wireless access points."

Calvista said the entire package is fully integrated with the e-commerce and marketing campaign modules along with a new Customer Relationship Management system for sales staff.

The company has also moved the Sydney facility into larger, more modern premises and upgraded the Melbourne showroom to accommodate greater product. The Melbourne HQ has acquired more office and showroom space to showcase Calvista’s lingerie ranges and Point of Sale (POS) merchandise from multiple vendors. It’s also seeking additional storage space to expand the Melbourne warehouse to cater for the increased influx of inventory.

More sales personnel have also been acquired, including a new mainstream sales division, focusing on pharmacy and general retail accounts.

“Our total sales, despite the declining DVD business, are expanding year over year. We’re grateful for the support from our valued customers and vendors and will continue to bring the best service, pricing and products. We’re already bigger, better and stronger than ever before, so watch this space, there’s more to come,” Bassett said.