New Swan and Ultimate Personal Shaver Designs Debut at eroFame

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory showcased two booths at eroFame — one dedicated to the Swan range of premium vibes and the other for its new Ultimate Personal Shaver.

Swan debuted three new designs: : Kissing Swan, Love Swan, and Blossom Swan. The new designs all borrow their core design from the popular Royal Swan, which has offers rotation and vibration, but have been reworked with new clitoral stimulators each providing a unique sensation.

Its PowerBullet technology is still a main feature, and has been tweaked to introduce a sensation that is new to Swan. At the lowest setting, the clitoral stimulator delivers a delicate tapping motion. “By continuing to press the button, you are gradually elevated through the variable motions until you find yourself at reaching an intense fluttering sensation,” the company said.

Officially debuting at the show after a one year hiatus, the Ultimate Personal Shaver made its return with a new, convenient design providing everything the user needs in one kit. Now available in two kits: one each for women and men, the new design can be offered at a much cheaper and affordable SRP; buyers and distributors from all over the world wanted to get their hands on them.

“We were overwhelmed and thrilled by the response the new Ultimate Personal Shaver received at the show. We brought some samples with us but unfortunately didn’t have enough for everyone that wanted one. We now know that this is going to be a fast seller, and we’ll definitely be ready with an amazing product for you” said Steve Bannister, president of BMS Factory.

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