Planet Earth Now Global Supplier of 'Ultimate' Male Enhancements

LONDON — Planet Earth Logistics announced today that it has secured a deal as the official global supplier of the “Ultimate” range of male enhancement products.

The range consists of four products aimed at boosting male sexual function including an Ultimate P3 erection enhancing herbal tablet, Ultimate X penis enlargement pill, and the Ultimate D delay spray and cream.

 “The Ultimate range is the first fully comprehensive male enhancement range on the market. The range contains products that help with sexual confidence as well as performance, so we see this range as the complete offering, looking after men from start to finish,” Louise Boote, managing director said.

She added, “There are many brands of products offering a boost in sexual performance but they only look at one side of the issue. The Ultimate range offers the complete package, helping men improve their erection size, on demand, and last longer when having sex. Because the products are all in the same range, consumers will develop strong brand loyalty and can benefit from products that work together without causing side effects.”

The company noted that Ultimate X would be replacing current stocks of Ultimate V with a new lower price. But new products could hit the market late in the year

“Male enhancement products are as popular as ever, but our customers often hit difficulties when they try to cross sell," Adele Powell, business development manager said.

She added, "Historically, the brands that bring out complementary products develop consumer trust and are easier to cross sell, so we are confident that the Ultimate range will enable stores to maximize consumer spend and keep customers coming back again and again thanks to the fantastic benefits of these products."

For more information on the Ultimate range contact Planet Earth at (855) 787-5555 or email