ID Lubricants Releases BackSlide Anal Lube

Chad Mayer

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Westridge Laboratories announced today the release of ID Backslide, the very first lubricant created for anal penetration from ID Lubricants. 

"BackSlide is one of our most creative formulas because it was made with a specific use in mind,” Westridge Labs President Gregg Haskell said.

"We’ve come up with the perfect combination of high quality ingredients to make every anal experience more comfortable and pleasurable.”

The ID BackSlide formula took two-years to develop and includes clove and spilanthes extracts derived from a plant native to Brazil that help provide a natural, muscle relaxing effect when used.

“BackSlide is the only anal lubricant which uses this unique ingredient,” Haskell said. “Along with the thick, cushiony texture in a silicone base, BackSlide is destined to become the most popular anal lubricant on the market today.”

ID BackSlide is currently available in a black, one-ounce dispensing disc-cap bottle. Westridge Labs will be introducing new sized bottles in the near future.