Webmaster Central Adds 'In-Video Advertising'

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central today debuted its new "in-video advertising" marketing tool where clients can now show ads inside videos.

The tool allows Webmaster Central clients to take their linkable message — whether it's an upgrade,  new product or an alert to a live show — straight to customers while they watch videos.  

"What this essentially does is allow clients using our content to control advertising within each video," Alvarez told XBIZ. "So on top of the daily updates, and HD-mobile compatibility, they can make even more money cross selling sites, alerting watchers that a new live show is about to begin, etc."

Alvarez said in-video advertising is an ideal method because it doesn’t require surfers to change their behavior online.

“They start watching a video, then 10 or 15 seconds in, your ad appears inside the video itself,” he said.

In addition to in-video ads, the Webmaster Central advertising system also allows clients to show traditional banner ads around the sides of the videos.

Alvarez called the Webmaster Central's launch "the coolest thing to come along since the XML gateway we introduced two years ago," referring to the system that allows webmasters to pull content directly from the company's servers.

He said the company was the first to employ such a system, as well as the first company to convert all of its content to be 100-percent mobile compatible.

A video with samples of this new in-video advertisement technology can be viewed here. Use the username "master” and password “blaster” to gain access. Contact sales@webmastercentral.com for more information.