Brooklyn Lee Meets Fans, Promotes Evil Angel's 'Voracious'

VAN NUYS, Calif.— Brooklyn Lee, who is the lead performer in John Stagliano’s “Voracious,” will meet fans and sign copies of the new film from Evil Angel in Rhode Island at the end of October.

“Voracious” is the fashionably vampire-themed movie, written and directed by John Stagliano. The film was shot in Budapest, Berlin and Los Angeles. 

Stagliano’s Evil Angel has just released “Voracious” as a collector’s edition four-disc set composed of the movie, clocking in at more than six hours on two discs; with extensive behind-the-scenes and bonus content on a third disc; and a music soundtrack CD as the fourth disc. A 16-page color episode guide featuring Stagliano's photos is included.

“Voracious” offers Stagliano’s fetish-laden, sexually intense cinema as well as gothic porn.

“The Vampire lore makes for good erotica,” Stagliano said. “The incredible thing about vampire movies is that you can make up many of the rules about what vampires can and can’t do. These rules are fun to fantasize about, but the important thing for me is that we create emotionally believable scenes.”