Larry Flynt Profiled in Today's N.Y. Times

NEW YORK -- The New York Times today takes a look at how LFP founder Larry Flynt spends a typical morning, why he thinks the adult biz has changed and what he really thinks President Obama's chances are for the upcoming presidential election.

In a piece titled "Pornography and Politics," New York Times reporter Brooks Barnes in his "Scene Stealers" column also takes a quick peek at Flynt's empire, just days after one of his adult entertainment company's divisions, LFP Broadcasting, said it would purchase transactional TV service for New Frontier Media for $33 million.

Barnes met up with Flynt at Culina at the Four Seasons, Flynt's "signature" spot, where he has eaten breakfast or lunch there most days for at least a decade.

The hotel's diner has even added a Larry Flynt’s Salad on the menu, for $27, compete with Dungeness crab, shrimp, chopped vegetables, egg and garbanzo beans. “They at first tried to skimp on the seafood,” Flynt said, “and I told the chef: ‘Don’t even try it. Fill that bowl with goodies.’ ”

Flynt said he doesn’t have a good feeling about next month's election. “I’m not sure Obama can win,” Flynt said. “There is racism at work against him. It’s disgusting, but nobody has the guts to talk about it.”

As for pornography, “it’s not what it used to be,” he said. Hustler magazine is still profitable, the piece said, but Flynt's company now makes most of its money from pay-per-view pornography in more than 55 countries, a Hustler clothing line and other licensed businesses.

Flynt noted that his company's entry more than a decade ago into retailing sex toys was a right one. “The concept is to take the adult bookstore and turn it into Saks Fifth Avenue,” he said.  

Barnes characterized the interview with the "pornography titan" as one with "actually a lot of interruptions."

"At one point, a surgically enhanced woman in her early 20s, squeezed into itty-bitty shorts, came teetering over in stilettos," Barnes wrote. "'I just moved here from Indiana to be an actress, and you are, like, my idol,' she said with a giggle. And there was Jose [Flynt's bodyguard] again, this time carrying a cellphone and whispering in his boss’ ear."