Fun Factory Set to Launch 'Stronic One' Pulsator

LOS ANGELES — Fun Factory USA announced today that it will launch its first ever Pulsator toy  — the Stronic One — in January 2013.

The company said the product is equipped with a new, patented technology allowing the device to thrust, not vibrate. “Unlike the ‘Sex and the City’ rotating and vibrating rabbits everyone knows, Pulsators silently rock back and forth using a complex weighted device instead of a motor."

In addition, the Pulsators are rechargeable and 100 percent submersible.

The new offering is the first Pulsator in a family of three to be introduced in 2013. According to Fun Factory, the patented technology was deemed by global testers to be “more enjoyable than vibrations.” Out of 1,350 people who tested the prototypes, 87 percent said they would gladly convert to using Pulsators instead of vibrators. One tester in the U.S. claimed that “the thrusts of the Stronic One are powerful and naturalistic, leading to more intense orgasms than even the strongest vibrators I ever used.”

“Experience has shown that strong and firm impulses — similar to thrusts — allow people to enjoy sex in a more intense way than just vibration,” Dirk Bauer, founder and managing director in Germany said.

He added, “After 18 months spent developing this product, we are ready to bring to the market a sensational new kind of toy, a Pulsator, which simulates the natural movements of lovemaking.”

The new product stands 9 inches tall, with a silicone insertable portion measuring 5 inches, and a silicone clitoral extension 2 inches long. At its base, it has a girth of 5.5 inches. The diameter of the shaft is 4.5 inches and the slightly curved end is only 0.5 inch thinner than the shaft. The available colors are hot pink and deep violet.

Stronic One thrusts using 10 different rhythms, all accessible with the plus and minus back-lit buttons. The red “fun” button turns the toy on and off, acts as a kill switch and offers the possibility of locking the controls completely for discreet transport. The programs offer rhythms ranging from a long, slow and penetrating thrust to an ultra rapid back and forth motion.

An instructional video of the product can be seen on YouTube. And a new video will be released in November along with a variety of pre-launch contests allowing consumers to win the product before they are in stores.

“Stronic One is the beginning of a new era for the Novelty Industry: the Pulsators Era,” Emilie Rosanvallon, marketing and sales manager at Fun Factory USA said.

“Stronic One and its pulsating technology will revolutionize the market and mark the start of a new trend in the industry, Frederic Walme, Fun Factory USA CEO added. “I am proud that Fun Factory is confirming its position as a true innovator in the market place. With more newness in the pipeline for 2013, we will continue to push boundaries and bring innovative fun, securing our spot as one of the top brands to consider for the next year.”