ICM Registry: Search.xxx Traffic Data a Key Selling Tool

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — .XXX operator ICM Registry next week plans on releasing scores of premium generic names the registrar has reserved.

The latest sales initiative also will employ a key tool for the ICM Registry — the release of relative rankings for search queries and type-in traffic for those reserved names from just-launched Search.xxx to prospective customers.

Stuart Lawley, ICM Registry's CEO, said the data from Search.xxx will allow potential .XXX domain-name operators a better understanding how popular certain domain names are.

"This should allow members of the community to make educated choices in the relative value of many of the names and will allow us to increase the health of the .XXX ecosystem with a new wave of quality-developed sites," Lawley told XBIZ.

Search.xxx over its first two weeks has delivered more than 10 million searches, and Lawley said the search engine has catapulted the top-level domain name's appeal.

"There has been a dramatic increase in activity from our registrants in terms of wishing to get sites listed in the engine, a clamor for exact match keyword domains and questions about how to feature more prominently in Search.xxx," Lawley said.

Meanwhile, ICM Registry later today plans on enhancing extra functionality and features for Search.xxx.

The update will increase options for the surfer to narrow down searches to still images, videos, stores and DVDs, among others, allowing the consumer to find what they want quicker, Lawley said.