'Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2' Arrives on DVD

Nelson Ayala

CHARLOTTE, NC — AEBN and Girl Candy Films have released writer and director Nica Noelle's older woman/younger girl seduction drama "Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2" on DVD. 

"The sensual, story-driven all-girl erotica that Nica Noelle's fans love is on full display in 'Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2,'" AEBN Sales and Marketing Vice President Jerry Anders said. "Lesbian porn fans have been big supporters of this movie on VOD and we also expect it to do very well on DVD."

"Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2" finds Sovereign Syre reprising her role as guidance counselor Sophie, a predatory woman who manipulates the school's young girls into sleeping with her and then dumps them unceremoniously. This time out, however, Sophie meets her match when she sets her sights on the campus bad girl.

"There are so many layers of forbidden sex in this series: lesbianism, age discrepancies, student-teacher, and counselor-student," Noelle said. "It gives the talent an opportunity to explore some very dark sexual impulses."