Sexy Adam & Eve L.A. Billboard Causes Local Dust-up

LOS ANGELES — Adam & Eve has unveiled a new billboard in Los Angeles for its sex toy products that’s causing a stir among some locals.

The billboard, prominently located at Cahuenga and Sunset Boulevard (near the CNN building), features a strategically covered topless female, a 50 percent off offer with free shipping and the headline “Satisfaction. Guaranteed.”

“We wanted the billboard to be eye-catching and provocative,” Chad Davis, marketing director said. “When the opportunity for this location presented itself, and our artwork was approved, of course we agreed.

But local KTLA news reported that the unveiling has caused some controversy, focusing on local parents who are calling the sign offensive and demanding that it be removed. 

"This totally threw me over the edge," parent Nicole Alaima said. "That woman — if she was in person walking down the street like that without a top, she would be arrested for indecent exposure."

Some parents reportedly are also seeking help from local council members.

But Davis said he is prepared for some negative fallout. “We’ve had billboards removed in other parts of the country. Los Angeles is usually very accepting of adult-related media.”

The sign is provided by the Van Wagner billboard company.