Sinister X Syndicate Launches Talent Agency

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES  — Production company Sinister X Syndicate announced today the launch of its talent management arm, Sinister X Divas.

The studio said it would handle specially selected females by invitation only in an effort to have its talent succeed at the highest level of the adult entertainment business.

No agency fees or percentages are required from performers nor producers seeking to book talent.

The agency is seeking talent who are “head-turning beautiful” and love to have sex.

A proprietary content distribution channel through Sinsiter Comixxx/PurePlay Media will be provided. The agency will also have its own websites enabling fans to buy products and show financial appreciation for talent.

All talent will also have free transportation for work and/or errands that supports the “Sinister X Diva star image.”

“Yes, Virginia, the days of female talent shooting endless numbers of content scenes and never seeing a dime are over. Sinister X Divas will be able to distribute their own product as well as own their own companies just like other powerhouse studios,” Sinister X Syndicate said.

The agency noted that its productions will include “huge blockbuster projects only” the likes of Sinister X Comixxx’s films including “Supergirl XXX,” “Justice League of Pornstar Superheros,” “Birds of Prey XXX,” and others.

For more information about the agency contact Faith Medley at (818) 653-3105.